On-sight Recaps

The show begins with attention on the new commissioner for a night, Brian Deville. Deville dressed in a suit, with a hot pink undershirt and beaming with spray-tan. The crowd would soon hear some unappealing news from Deville.

Deville announced that number one contender for the PWR World Heavyweight Championship, John McChesney, would not be wrestling for it that night. Deville’s announcement erupted the crowd with a chant of boos, and “Spray-Tan!” Attention turned to Deville’s new t-shirt, which read “Class”, insisting the former commissioner didn’t have any.

Deville called the former commissioner Mike Roberts down to the ring and told him he’d be the new custodian for the night’s event. Deville noticed the PWR tie Roberts was wearing and told him to remove it, only commissioners were to wear it. Deville then had the announcer, Paul Rivas enter the ring.

“McChesney, McChesney, McChesney!”

The crowd chanted for John McChesney letting the new commissioner know they weren’t happy about his decision. Chants for “Woman’s Wrestling!’ were also heard as no female bout was featured. Paul Rivas announced the next show November 3, featuring former WWE talent, Eugene.

The first match is announced as a PWR Heavyweight Title match between champion “Big Time” Bill Collier and Fred Flash. Reigning from Philadelphia, Fred Flash strolled to the ring in black and red, wearing a bandana around his mouth of the same color pattern. Fred Flash was welcomed with jeers from the crowd.

The PWR champion Bill Collier entered next to the heavy guitars of Metal band, Disturbed. Collier wore basic white trunks, which the crowd were calling “Tighty Whities.” Collier grabbed a microphone and said, “What time is it?!” To which the crowd responded, “Big Time!” Collier seems to walk the line with the fans of PWR.

Fred Flash took the early advantage with his quickness. He first caught Collier with an over-the-top-rope pinning combination. Flash’s momentum would only last a second as the same quickness that was winning him the match caught him up in a fall-away slam from Collier.

Collier dropped a chest-crushing leg-drop, as chants of wonder about why the champion was wrestling first hummed in the background. Collier shouted, “Time to end the part,” but would get his TKO revered by Flash. Flash would gain a little advantage.

Flash landed Eat-the-Feet on Collier which knocked him to the ground. Flash, however, can’t keep up with the might of Collier and receives a sit-down power-bomb for his efforts. Flash kicked out at two, Collier then hit a swinging neck-breaker which put Flash out for the pin.After the match, Rivas entered the ring to conduct a post-match interview with Collier, as the crowd mocked his heavy breathing. Collier comments that no one in PWR can carry his boots. He continued by saying PWR is now importing talent for him to beat, because no one in PWR will fight him.

Collier continued to provoke McChesney saying if he wanted a shot at the PWR title, get in line and earn it “Do you really think these fans want to see you carried out of here,” Collier said ridiculing McChesney. Collier finished with his catchphrase: That’s what time it is!

Commissioner Deville returned to the ring to announce he hired new security for the rest of the event. By security, he meant one overweight rent-a-cop. The new security guard was welcomed with a chant of “Big Boss Man Jr!!..”

The next match would be the event’s weak-spot. It featured a very overweight wrestler named Brett Mednick. Mednick dressed in a blue tank top, black tights, and one can forget the white star pattern stretching around his massive legs.

Franky Feathers entered the ring next as Mednick’s opponent for the event. Feathers dressed in hot pink, and danced to the ring in full Motown style, including It’s Not Usual, by Tom Jones as his theme music. Feathers really engaged the fans with his entrance.

Feathers tried for an early advantage with multiple attempts at 10 corner punches, but got interrupted by Mednick every try. Mednick soon took the advantage and choked Feathers viciously with the second ring-rope. Deville would continue to antagonize the audience by asking them, “Who is Frank Feathers?” each time a chant for Feathers erupted.

Feathers hit Mednick with an enziguri to gain a small dose of momentum. Feathers continued to use his speed and agility to outmaneuver Mednick, until Mednick reversed a kick and knocked Feathers out with a left-hook. Mednick attempted a superplex, but Feathers reversed it, knocked Mednick down to the mat and connected with a cross-body splash. Deville then distracted Feathers long enough for Mednick to retake the advantage and score the pin-fall.

Next was the very impactful 6-man tag-team match. The PWR Tag-Team Champions Rocky Reynolds and Bennet Cole: “Criminal Justice” tagged with “Omega” Aaron Draven. The opponents Andre Kannan Alexander and Marcus Knight: “Aces High” teamed with Jimmi “The flying” Hippie.

The always boastful Reynolds came out with an Obama/Biden sign to stir the audience up. There is lots of pre-match build-up in this match; Reynolds did a great job instigating the crowd. Hes would finally enter the ring, only to continue belittling the referee next.

After Cole tells Reynolds to “Break him in half”, referring to Marcus Knight, Reynolds at last locks up with Knight. Reynolds would not stay in the ring long, soon tagging in partner Cole. As the big powerhouse Cole entered the ring, the audience jeered Reynolds, which he replied by telling the crowd to “Shut their mouths”.

Following a beat down on Knight by Cole, Cole then tagged in “Omega” Aaron Draven. Knight would eventually make a tag to Alexander, who came in on fire, and knocked Draven down with a few clotheslines. Alexander then provoked Omega by challenging him to a trial of test your might, Omega being the smaller of the two replied by jumping up and kicking him in the face.

Omega took the advantage with a headlock takedown on Alexander then a headlock, keeping Alexander away from his partners. The crowd began to chant for Aces High as Reynolds tells them to settle-down. At long last Alexander tagged Jimmi the Hippie.

Omega bailed to the outside, and Jimmi flew to the outside, splashing on Cole. Alexander tried for an outside splash on Omega but got reversed and slammed into the guardrail. Omega tagged Cole, who followed with a round of hard slaps in the corner to the chest of the Hippie.

Cole connected with a falling headbutt on Jimmi, continuing to bring the pain. Eventually, the hippie tags in Knight, who also gets knocked down by Cole. The referee then became distracted by outside fighting, and while he was dealing with the chaos, Cole and Omega double-teamed Knight. As the referee tried to get order by instructing Knight’s partners to go back to their corner, Criminal Justice  hit a wheel-barrel on Knight. The best spot of the night.

Cole tagged Omega who rapidly hit Knight with a springboard backbody drop. As the fans chanted for Knight, Omega continued to weaken Knight. Reynolds soon got the tag from Omega.

After a beating from Reynolds, an exhausted Knight at last reached his partner Alexander. Alexander came in with a round of punches to Reynolds, but he reversed and knocked Alexander to the ground. He followed by choking Alexander with the middle ring-rope.

Reynolds gets ready to launch a massive fist to Alexander’s face, when Alexander reverses and hits Reynolds with an STO. Both men crawl for a tag, before anyone can tag, Cole and Omega enter the ring, Knight and the Hippie soon followed. Knight hit Omega and Reynolds with a spinning flip-kick, the Hippie then hit Reynolds with a death-valley driver.

Reynolds tagged Omega who would gain the upper hand quick on the Hippie then grounded him with a brainbuster. Omega and the Hippie were soon fighting on the top turnbuckle, both men aiming to knock the other off, the Hippie would knock Omega down and hit a chest-breaking elbow-drop. Emulating Shawn Michaels, Jimmi the Hippie began to stomp on the ground, indicating a sweet chin music super-kick.

The Hippie connected with the superkick and Omega collapsed. The Hippie again climbed the top-turnbuckle for some high impact aerial assault and devastated Omega with a 450 Splash. As The Hippie crawled to pin Omega, the twenty minute time-limit expired and the match ended in a draw.

“Bad News” Jeremiah Bradley was introduced next. He is accompanied by Brett Mednick, who served as the match’s special guest referee. As they made their entrance, a child shouted, “ Dude! The Blueberry is back!”

Highflier Brandon Thurston would be Bad News’ opponent. The decks were stacked for Thurston. The packed crowd chanted for Thurston, which only fueled the rage of Bad News.

Bad News first dominated Thurston with big arm-drags, shouting to the audience, “That’s what I do!” Thurston tried to go aerial, only to be caught and slammed off the top-turnbuckle. Bad News threw Thurston to the floor and rammed him against the outside guardrail.

After beating Thurston on the outside, Bad News threw him back in the ring only to choke him with the middle ring-rope. Concerned for a badly beaten Thurston, a young fan shouts, “You’re going to kill him!…” Bad News replied, “That’s what I’m going to do!..”

After a quick reversal, Thurston finally gets an opening. Thurston launched himself at Bad News, taking the big-man off his feet and over the top-rope. With his engine at max, Thurston launched himself to the outside connecting with Bad News.

Back in the ring, Thurston jumped from the top-rope and hit Bad News with a missile dropkick. Thurston now with the momentum is soon be distracted by Deville. With Mednick as the referee, the interruption was unpunished and Bad News would roll-up Thurston, grab his trunks and get the 1, 2 3.

After the match, Thurston received a thrashing from Deville and his goons. Kevin Bennett came out and smashed Thurston in the stomach with a ladder. After a few minutes of beat-down, Thurston is saved by the “Renegade” Radski.

Intermission is announced and the fans prepare for the second half of the event. The faces of the company came out and accompanied the surrounding tables to take photos and give autographs to fans. The next match would be an impressive tag-team bout.

The T-Rex Express, equipped with matching outfits, challenged fan-favorites Jamie Scott and veteran Lumberjack Leroux.

Leroux began with a few big claps to get the audience fired-up. A member of T-Rex attempts a tie-up, but the foolish Leroux tweaks his nipple. A huge chant breaks out for the Lumberjack, as the wrestlers build to a tie-up.

Once the tie-up finally happens, Lumberjack gets the upper-hand. Lumberjack and his opponent exchange multiple chest-slaps, as the match goes back and forth. A chant for Scott ignites signaling Lumberjack to tag-in his partner.

Scott comes in the ring with the fans fully behind him, ties-up but gets slammed-down by his opponent. The T-Rex Express corner Scott with quick-tags. T-Rex Express connect with a neck- breaker combination, double knee smashes and double elbow drops.

Lumberjack finally obtains a tag, but gets clotheslined over the top-rope. Scott makes the tag, but gets double-teamed with a suplex. Scott gets laid-out for a three-count and T-Rex Express take home the victory.

The ring announcer Paul Rivas returns to the ring for some fan participation. During the night three raffles were happening, and it was time to choose the winners. Three children were chosen from the audience to hand-out the prizes. The first was Halloween candy, the second wiper blades, and the last was all the raffle money. This segment ended with two birthday announcements: a girl named Morgan turned 15, and a young Asian boy named Kenshi turned 8.

The next announcement concerned the 5th Anniversary show on November 3. It’s to be held at the St. John’s Banquet & Conference Center in Girard, Pa. The Show will feature former WWE wrestler, Eugene.

It’s Main event time. Kevin Bennett is defending his Lake Erie Championship against an opponent of Deville’s choosing. Wearing a blue and black outfit with a mask, the opponent is named Wicked.

Bennett takes the early lead knocking Wicked around the ring. In the background the fans chant, “Justin Beaver” in reference to Bennett’s resembalance. Wicked looks like a jobber compared to Bennett.

After some vocal-bashing from Bennett, Wicked surprised the crowd with a series of arm-drags. There is a hum throughout the arena, as the last arm-drag tosses Bennett to the outside. Wicked unmasked and sent the crowd into a frenzy.

Wicked was non-other than fan-favorite, and banned from the arena, John McChesney. After taking in the reaction of the crowd, McChesney runs and launches himself through the ropes to the outside onto Bennett. The crowd now with a massive “John McChesney” chant.
Back in the ring, it’s all McChesney. He first hits Bennett with a bridge, but Bennett kicks out at two. A suplex followed, ending with a slingshot into the turnbuckle.

To add insult to injury, McChesney took the disguise he wore to the ring and masked Bennett with it. The audience continued with a loud “McChesney” chant. McChesney would receive a big-boot to the face after taking the mask off Bennett and throwing it out to the crowd.

Cliching tight, Bennett applied a headlock on McChesney as he taunted the crowd. The audience replied with more chants of “Justin Beaver.” Bennett would pick McChesney up and drop him with a Russian leg-sweep.

After a series of blows, McChesney took the lead from Bennett and connected with a painful nail-in-the-coffin signature move. McChesney finished Bennet with the cliffhanger DDT, but as he went for the pin Mednick interfered. Collier is soon to follow, aiming his ambush on McChesney as well.

McChesney would win by disqualification because of the Menick interference. Collier and McChesney fought back to the locker-room as the show ended. Bennett who is still in the ring gets rammed by a ladder from Thurston unexpectedly.

Thurston continued to get a little revenge on Bennett for his actions early in the night, as Mednick and Deville tried to pull Bennett from the ring. The night ended with a closing promo from Thurston. November 3, will be the 5th Anniversary show for PWR and Thurston challenged Bennett for the Lake Erie Championship in a Ladder match.

After Thurston’s promo former Commissioner Mike Roberts made his way down to the ring and asked for the attention of Deville. Roberts would strip the neck-tie from Deville and in-turn strip him of his commissioning duties for the night. Back in Charge, Roberts granted Thurston his match. He also announced a re-match between Aces High and Criminal Justice for the Tag-Team titles, and that John McChesney will get his PWR Championship match against Bill Collier at the 5th Anniversary show. Roberts ended the night by thanking the fans for an eventful night.