Rampage Wrestling: Professional Wrestling of the 814

Independent wrestling territories are found throughout the United States. Most indy territories are breeding grounds for the bigger companies: WWE and TNA. Wrestlers use the indy’s to learn how to cut interviews, or promos as they are professionally called, how to better themselves in the ring, by proper training and develop improved communication with audiences. Here in Erie, Pa we have Pro Wrestling Rampage.

Pro Wrestling Rampage was created in Nov. 2007. Since its inception, PWR promotes one wrestling event a month in Erie. After five years of local promotion, in August of 2012, PWR branched-out and brought their talents to the New York territory.

Previous to the start of PWR, those in power were involved with other nearby independent promotions, in some capacity, since 1999. Wrestlers, the ring and film crew, managing and security, commentators and the ring announcer, all professionally trained. Each department utilized their skills to help build the company. The establishment of PWR filled a local professional wrestling void in Erie.

Over the past six years PWR brought former vintage wrestlers to the company like: former Intercontinental Champion, Greg “The Hammer” Valentine and the first winner of the Royal Rumble, “Hacksaw” Jim Duggan. Also former “Attitude” era wrestlers like: Founder of the Brood, Gangrel and former member of D-Generation X, Billy Gunn. Talents from the former land of extreme have also been featured: Jerry Lynn, and the last ECW Champion, Rhino. Additionally, PWR created their own roster of talent like: “Fabulous” John McChesney, “Omega” Aaron Draven, and “Lucius” Rocky Reynolds.

To have famous wrestlers appear for your company brings great attention, but it’s up to the roster that performs on every show to keep fans wanting more. PWR get big name talent only a couple times a year, it’s up to the main roster to continue making the most impact for the company. A big name might earn a new fan for the company, but it’s up to the established roster to keep the attendance increasing. All PWR talent are trained and graduated from a wrestling school.

Originally, the creators of PWR had no goals but to have monthly shows. As the company slowly progressed, goals changed. Once just a hobby, now PWR saw changes in planning and budget. Local wrestling fans were unaware of PWR, which caused  early attendance fluctuation, but that soon changed.

Now more recognized attendance started to steadily increase. Local wrestling fans started to connect with the personalities of talent, and began to be more vocal in their opinions. An erratic, now stable roster allowed fans to cheer for those they liked and boo the ones they didn’t. As attendance rose, PWR wanted to top themselves each month and did it with enticing storylines, which got fans further interested in the product.

February 2008 saw the highest recorded attendance at nearly 600 people, three months after its inauguration. Since 2008, PWR maintains a crowd of 200-300 people. With a reputable reputation, PWR is the leading independent promotion in the Erie area. The future is bright for PWR; it’s only a matter of time before the company surpasses their own benchmark.

The talent of PWR is available for hire. PWR does fundraising events, private parties, and anything that wants to involve PWR talent. Contact information can be found on the Contact tab. Come to a show, get behind a wrestler and show support for Erie’s only independent wrestling promotion.